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In Europe and France, Kolmi-Hopen Group is known and recognized thanks to its production entity based in France in Angers (49).

Its history began in 1921, when the company manufactured the famous Zig-Zag® brand cigarette paper.

Kolmi-Hopen Group was born from the merger of two companies: Kolmi and Hopen, each of which had its own field of expertise.

  • Very early on, Kolmi specialized in the medical field. In the 1970s, the company was the first to launch a medical mask on the European market made in France.
  • Hopen was founded in 2003 with the objective of becoming the specialist in the distribution of single-use products dedicated to the industrial sector and the world of hygiene.

To unify their strengths but also to access a larger market, the two companies decided to merge in 2005 to offer only one global offer to all their European distributors

To date, the group has the broadest and deepest product offering available in Europe with nearly 2400 skus.

Kolmi-Hopen Group employs more than 100 people and has a state-of-the-art production facility inaugurated in 2012  

Its 14,300 m² production site is equipped with a clean room of more than 1000 m², classified ISO 8.

Today, more than one billion articles designed in compliance with the sustainable development required by the market (Sustainable Development = Environment, Social & Economy) are produced each year from this site for a total turnover in Europe of 45 million euros.

Kolmi-Hopen a Medicom Company

Overview ©Kolmi Hopen Medicom CompanyMedicom Group

Founded in Canada in 1988 by Ronald Reuben, the Medicom® group is a resolutely entrepreneurial company. With a turnover of more than 300 million dollars, the Medicom® group is an international industrial group specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of single use and short-use articles dedicated to the dental, medical, industrial and hygiene world. The group now has 1,100 employees throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

The Medicom® Group has 6 production units, our products are marketed in more than 95 countries and distributed from 13 logistics centers.


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