Medical device : Class 1

Clip Cap PP 10 g/m² Active, white, latex free, Made in France, in wall mount dispenser


  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Hygiene
Safewear® Comfort PP clip cap
Safewear® Comfort PP clip cap

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Features and advantages


    • Non woven spunbonded 100% Polypropylene
    • Assembly by gluing and ultrasound
    • Synthetic elastic WITHOUT LATEX under a hem for a better comfort
    • Non-woven flexible and very resistant
    • Very breathable for comfort
    • High extensibility – Can wrap all hair
    • Possible use in a pharmaceutical, industrial, food, medical environment
    • This product is a CE medical device

    Technical description

    • Material : Polypropylene
    • Clothing manufacture : Elasticated with welded ends
    • Size / Dimensions : Length : 44,5 cm (+/-0,5 cm) / Width : 48 cm (+/-1 cm)
    • Weight (g/m²) : 10
    • Made in : France
    • unsterile Unsterile
    • single-use Single-use
    • without-latex Without Latex
    • should-not-be-stuck-in-a-damp-place Should not be stuck in a damp place
    • should-not-be-exposed-to-temperature-variations-above-or-below Should not be exposed to temperature variations above or below
    • must-not-be-exposed-to-the-sun Must not be exposed to the sun
    • dispositif-mdical Dispositif médical

    Product informations

    Certifications and standards :

    • NF EN ISO 9073-1 standard
    • NF EN ISO 9073-2 standard
    • NF EN ISO 9073-3 standard
    • Manufactured under a certified quality system ISO 13485
    • In accordance with the applicable harmonized standard EN ISO 14971
    • Manufactured under a certified quality system ISO 9001
    • Complies with the European Regulation 2017 / 745 on Medical Devices

    Product features

    Brand Article Size Color
    Kolmi C12004    
    Kolmi C12103    
    Kolmi C12513A    

    Packaging Features

    Inner case Packaging
    Dispenser box 1x300
    Dispenser box 1x300
    Bag 12x150

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